Success story: Wildfire detection with Qubitro

2 min readJun 14, 2022


Wildfire detection with Qubitro Detection startup leverages Qubitro services to decrease go-to-market time and cloud infrastructure costs.

Hot off the fire startup, Kozalak specializes in the early detection of wildfires and notifying the authorities during unusual activity by constantly measuring air quality, flammable gases, and explosive gases in the area. Their platform allows customers worldwide to monitor their sensor data from all devices and, if demanded, on special control panels.

Challenge: Orchestrating multiple services on the PoC stage

An IoT scenario contains an MQTT broker, stream analytics, triggers, time-series database, monitoring solution, and intermediary services. Choosing those services that will run smoothly in the long term requires comprehensive research and tests, extending the time to market.

“Orchestrating multiple services to store, process, and present the data was the major challenge on the cloud side. Combined with the business’s fail-safe requirements, current products on the market did not fit with our development schedule.” Technical Officer of Kozalak

From a technical point of view, Kozalak, like a classic IoT infrastructure, published its sensor nodes data to an open-source MQTT broker (Eclipse Mosquitto); then, a forwarder service recorded it to an open-source time-series database (Influx DB). Finally, they used Grafana to illustrate data.

1. Predictable pricing

Customers calculate the second digit after the decimal point even for the one-time hardware cost. In such a market, the service costs have to be predictable. Qubitro offers an all-in-one, straightforward pricing with the enterprise plan, which is otherwise not easy to estimate cloud infrastructure costs for system integrators and IoT startups.

2. Quick and efficient deployment

Since Qubitro combines all of the core functionalities, it just took minutes to initialize the cloud services. Similarly, Qubitro APIs made it easy to manage devices and stream data to external ML services. Therefore, Qubitro significantly accelerated Kozalak’s time to market.

“There is no room for any failure in the wildfire detection systems. Thanks to Qubitro, we offer reliable modern infrastructure that protects our environment. So, we’re focusing on the core of our technology while Qubitro’s integrated services do the rest,” says CTO of Kozalak

After the PoC stage, Kozalak was impressed by the availability of the dedicated Qubitro CSM team working to meet their needs.

As CTO of Kozalak explains, “The speed and ease with which using Qubitro is a real plus. We’ve met all of our goals and optimized cost structure throughout our organization’s operations by working together. We look forward to working with Qubitro as we continue to grow.”




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