Sell LoRa-Based Indoor Air Quality Monitoring solutions with Milesight & Qubitro.

3 min readJun 13, 2022


An Indoor air quality (IAQ) (synonym Ambiance) monitoring solution can provide the levels of common pollutants and other air conditions inside homes/offices in real-time.

Qubitro allows solution providers to design and sell global IAQ monitoring solutions by unifying device data from multiple networks with no code, supported by a complete developer toolkit.

In this post, we worked with our partner Milesight to demonstrate how fast and seamless connecting Milesight AM103 Sensor to Qubitro with no-code integrations and accessing data in record time.

AM103/AM103L is a compact indoor ambiance monitoring device including humidity, temperature, and CO2 sensor for wireless LoRa network. For this demonstration, it’s connected to The Things Stack and synchronized with Qubitro.

Sync all devices to Qubitro with no code.

The Things Stack offers Webhook integration for Qubitro.

  1. Choose The Things Stack on Qubitro Portal to get credentials for the integration.

2. Keep the page open and copy auto-generated credentials to be pasted onto the integration.

3. Click on Integrations > Webhooks under the application menu on The Things Stack then click on the + Add webhook button on the top-right of the page and choose Qubitro from the list.

4. Refresh the device list

Go to the project and refresh the device list to ensure all devices are in sync.

5. Payload formatter

A binary data can be formatted on The Things Stack or Qubitro UI. A formatter is created on Qubitro under the device page in this example.

6. Get the benefits of Qubitro

Once the integration is completed, Qubitro will always be synchronized if new sensors are connected.

APIs for automation and custom applications

Visualizing data is nice, but Qubitro offers more than that. Any mobile or custom web applications can be developed using Qubitro APIs without Cloud-ops or Dev-ops, which is also applicable to automation solutions.

Qubitro API playground is the easiest way to get information on devices, a single device, and more that is not visualized on Portal.

Another feature of APIs is offering various endpoints for accessing data. As seen below, the data can be queried with provided data keys and time range.

Already connected to Qubitro?

Try the code snippet below by replacing credentials.

curl --request GET \
--url '' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer API_KEY'

Interested in selling end-to-end solutions?

Test and build immediately; scale when you are ready. Qubitro offers customizable limits with discounts as you scale.

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