Introducing the Qubitro Local Experts Program

3 min readJul 13, 2022

Qubitro Ambassador Program is branching to go local with the Qubitro Local Experts Program.

As a part of Qubitro’s vision to become accessible beyond borders, we want to bring Qubitro to you, wherever you are. So join our mission and take part in contributing to your Local Community.

Contribute to your Community

We realize that language is the biggest barrier for most of us, and there are many languages and cultures across the globe. So we want to help you make IoT and Qubitro accessible to everyone. Yes, everyone!

We are looking for Local Experts to engage and contribute in their native languages and meet in person to share their experiences and knowledge.

If, as a Qubitro Local Expert, you can lead your Local Team and bring your Local Community together for projects and events, then you are encouraged to join the program.

If you,

  • Have an interest in IoT,
  • Have strong communication skills to form and lead your Local Team and engage with your Local Community,
  • Have the network to reach out to everyone that can benefit from Qubitro technologies and find speakers for in-person and online IoT events,

Everyone is welcome to join regardless of race, age, profession, or experience.

Start your Local Expert journey

As long as you are dedicated to contributing to your community, we are offering to support you with;

  • Compensation to host in-person events,
  • Qubitro Credits for community projects,
  • Dedicated private Discord chat moderated by the Local Team,
  • Highlighting local social media channels,
  • Helping to find speakers for online events,
  • Certification to prove your time and effort,
  • Exclusive Local Team swags,
  • Unique gifts for important benchmarks.

You will grow when your Community grows.


Please note that if there is already a Local Expert in your area, you will be directed to join the Local Team.

Curious about the Qubitro Ambassador Program?

If you’d like to become a Qubitro Ambassador to produce, engage, and contribute in one language, English, then you are welcome to apply to the Qubitro Ambassador Program.

Qubitro Ambassadors have commitments to stay on schedule, and they go through a selective process to be accepted. You can be a Qubitro Ambassador and Qubitro Local Expert at the same time if you can fulfill the responsibilities to both Programs equally.

Read about how to become a Qubitro Ambassador here.

For all your questions, please join the Qubitro Community Discord.

Let’s get together with the mission of inspiring one person at a time to make Qubitro accessible to everyone, wherever and whoever they may be.




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