Introducing Postman collection to explore Qubitro API

3 min readJul 11, 2022


Introducing Postman collection to explore Qubitro API

Qubitro API is a great way to access, process, and connect data into custom applications. While it is possible to work with APIs in numerous ways, that’ll take quite a bit of time (and is error-prone).

We recommend using Postman with the Qubitro API when exploring the APIs functionality and troubleshooting issues with your application.

While you could build out the specific endpoints you’d like to use within Postman, we did all the heavy liftings for you and built out a ready-to-use collection of all publicly available endpoints.

How does it work?

Each endpoint will automatically include available parameters, example responses, and authentication type plugged in, so you just need to add your credentials and parameter values to start exploring the functionality of any endpoint.


Installing and configuring Postman

  • Click over Qubitro API and click the Variables tab. All fundamental parameters and credentials are pre-filled, so you don’t have to. All credentials can be found on Qubitro Portal.

Making requests

Clicking the down arrow on “Qubitro API” in the collections pane (left side) will expand the imported requests. Clicking the name of a request, “Get Devices,” for example, will open that request in the editor. Clicking the blue “Send” button will make that request to the API, and the response body will appear below. Postman pretty prints the returned JSON, making it easier to read.

Some endpoints require query parameters, which all have to be chosen, and Postman also shows a simple description to give you a hint. When you need to learn more, API playground or API docs may help with expanded details.

Example endpoint. Fetching device data for the specified time range.

What’s next?

Looking for a way that is easier to start?

Try Qubitro API playground to discover the API and get sample code snippets for various languages and frameworks.

Looking for a place to ask questions and get help?

Join the Qubitro Discord server or Qubitro community forum; either Qubitro members or community experts will be helping in less than an hour.




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