How We Built: Moving from AWS to Equinix Metal & Cloudflare

The Contradiction

The reason Qubitro exists is all about making things simple. What we offer and how we offer is another post content but let’s start with why there is a contradiction between the reason we exist and the traditional cloud providers.

The Problem

Apart from the core business value, freedom, and technical flexibility, here are some common problems that we faced off.

A complex pricing, surprised billings, and vendor-lock

Like many other startups, we already work hard and try to optimize our time, and spending quite some time on pricing every month is just a waste of time for us.

Being able to scale when you need to, not later

When there is a spike in usage, being able to scale is not a theory but a requirement. Waiting at least 30 minutes to spin up a new machine, or opening a support ticket to increase available resources wasn’t quite an option obviously.

We don’t need fancy services

I personally believe that traditional providers fit better when you need complex solutions as a service.

Moving everything to Equinix Metal

I shared our first blog post about our journey to bare metal a few months ago. Everything has worked pretty well since then with great support from the Metal team, and we wanted to go further.

Object Storage and Caching

We were hosting our objects (images, files, etc.) on AWS S3 combined with AWS Cloudfront, like many others.

Kubernetes to Serverless is our main page, visited more than any other sub platforms as expected. It’s developed by using React and used to be living in our production cluster. We wanted to make it more accessible, have a much faster loading time, and not blocking the main traffic.

TCP/UDP Proxy at Scale

One of the benefits of AWS Classic Load Balancer was being able to offer MQTT over TLS, which is not possible with typical load balancers on Azure or GCP.

  • Origin TLS Mode
  • IP Access Rules


We managed to design a simple system for our current needs without compromising on performance, security, and privacy.

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