Don’t wait a year. Migrate from Google Cloud IoT Core to Qubitro today.

3 min readAug 16, 2022


Migrate from Google Cloud IoT Core to Qubitro

Google has dropped a bombshell on users of its Google Cloud Platform IoT Core service: it will be discontinued a year from now.

Google Cloud IoT Core is being retired on August 16, 2023, and Google recommends contacting the Google Cloud account team for more information; however, we have a different offering for affected users.

We invite affected companies and developers to migrate to Qubitro for six months of free credits as well as free technical support.Startups may contact us for our ‘about to launch’ Qubitro for Startups program.

What does Qubitro offer?

Qubitro collects device data from multiple networks and provides a complete toolkit to activate it in your applications.

Specifically for GCP customers, we’d like to offer:

  • Moving all devices to Qubitro with the same information prevents modification on the 3rd. Party applications. It’s possible to keep device-numeric-id and other metadata the same on Qubitro after the transition.
  • Bulk device registration to Qubitro. It’s possible to automatically generate ready-to-connect credentials with MQTT source from 1 to 1.000s devices if you need.
  • Fully managed storage is designed and integrated for time series analytics and more, and there is no need to add integration, unlike the Google Cloud offering.
  • Custom integrations for Enterprise accounts. It is possible to activate device data on the 3rd. Party destinations like Snowflake or BigQuery. Enterprise accounts also get free integration support to keep the flow going.
  • Enhanced MQTT support. Qubitro is 100% compliant with MQTT 5.0 and 3.x standards for better scalability and reliability.
  • Graphical user interface. Qubitro offers no-code dashboards, analytics, payload formatters, and more in a single interface that Google IoT Core does not offer. That is a great way to interact with data without additional integration or development.
  • Pay-as-you-Connect. The most simple pricing in the IoT landscape. No need to worry about surprise billing; there are no ingestion or extraction limits, and they don’t affect usage.

And more… Let’s talk about how Qubitro may help you. Book a call.

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