We are proud to partner with Toit, a cloud-managed container platform for IoT devices. We look forward to delivering an opportunity to develop robust end-to-end solutions to our customers and community.

With the Toit, it is now possible to continuously update the code on ESP32 microcontrollers remotely, and securely publish…

Indoor air quality monitoring with ESP32 and Qubitro IoT platform.

Indoor air quality is so important that at least 75% of the population spend 80% of their time indoors. Not only Dust [Particulate Matter] is essential for Indoors, CO2 and TVOCs play a significant role in affecting our health.


Have you ever considered that all of our devices are connected wirelessly and communicate with one another across the internet?

In this post, I’ve created a simple mesh network using Wi-Fi, and the data from mesh devices were sent to Qubitro, so you don’t have to configure each device with…

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that the Qubitro Ambassador program is open to apply.

Now here we are to announce our ambassador!

Let’s start from the beginning;” What is Qubitro Ambassador Program?”Qubitro ambassador program is the global network of passionate, experienced developers and thought leaders who actively support…

We believe that partnering is crucial to the IoT landscape for having a tangible market, regardless of product type or vertical that businesses are in.

Our goal is to enable developers and businesses to easily discover devices and sensors for their connected solutions and yield their ideas into existence in…


Infrastructure for the Internet of Things solutions. Build connected solutions faster than ever.

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